Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mechanical Turk

I have been turking for a month. Turking actually means that I have been working in Amazon mechanical Turk for a month now. It is not fake nor it promise you that you can make 1000s of follow in a month. It Just depends on how much you work on that. I have been working on my free time and making some free money that is going to support for the cause that I have recently started. In this blog I will be updating the easy hits that you can do in less time and have some spare money. I will not turk as my full time job but I will do it for fun when I am bored and all that. It also helps to learn something new everyday. What people are researching about. Where is our tax money being spent and in what kind of research. I enjoy it a lot. Hope you will find this blog helpful. I will be posting some tips and so on.

Welcome to the club and enjoy turking.

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